Putting A Stop To Pest Problems In Your Attic


Pests in the attic can cause all kinds of trouble. They can cause insulation to be less effective, chew the wiring in your home causing fires, and can leave droppings behind that can quickly become a health hazard to your family. Here, you will learn how to gain control of the pests in your attic and protect your home and your family from the negative circumstances that they may cause.

Bring in the Pest Control Specialists

Before you begin making repairs to your home, bring in the pest control specialists. You want to eliminate the problem so that they will not continue to damage the materials you are replacing.

Close all Entry Points

Be sure that you close off any entry points that the rodents and insects are using to get into your home. It can take time to find all of the access points, but it is possible.

Tip: Go to your attic during the day when the sun is bright. Eliminate all internal light sources and look around for any signs of light coming into the attic space. Those lit up spaces are the areas that the pests are using to enter your attic.

Install Insect Control Insulation

Many homeowners are unaware of the availability of insulation that actually kills insects. This particular type of insulation is treated with boric acid. The boric acid is safe to humans and pets, but when insects begin to make their homes in it, they quickly die.

The benefits of insect control insulation are beyond killing the insects that could damage your home. It will help lower your heating and cooling costs, it is fire and mold resistant, and can be installed directly over your existing insulation by places like Four Seasons Insulation Ltd.

Note: If your existing insulation has previously been damaged by pests, it is best to remove it to eliminate the health risks you may face. Insect, rodent, and bat droppings can all cause respiratory issues if not removed from the home.

Exterior Pest Treatments

To avoid the potential problems inside your home, have the outside of your home treated for pests. Be sure the exterminator sprays the areas directly around your home, and if your insect problems are significant in the attic, the eaves should be treated as well.

Your home is a huge investment and your family's health is priceless. Do not ignore any pest issues that you have in your attic. Act not to eliminate and prevent future issues with insects and rodents in your attic.


2 September 2014

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