2 Basic Questions About Horizontal Directional Drilling Answered


There are many reasons why a homeowner would someday need assistance from a drilling contractor. However, installing piping and other subterranean utilities is one of the most common reasons.

Interestingly, you may come to find that there are a variety of drilling options available to you for these tasks, but horizontal directional drilling is a relatively new method that can save you from having large areas excavated. Yet, this method is relatively new, and you will likely have some questions before you decide if horizontal directional drilling is right for your needs. Here are some answers to just two questions you might have.

Is it Possible to Drill Under Buildings & Other Obstacles?

Many people assume that it will be extremely difficult to drill under structures and natural barriers. While this may be true for conventional drilling methods, the same can not be said for horizontal directional drilling. When this method is used, sophisticated instruments are used to track the head of the drill while it is underground. By adjusting the trajectory of the drill as it moves through the soil, it is possible for the contractor to precisely place the borehole where you need it. 

However, it should be noted that drilling under large structures or large areas of pavement can take longer than drilling under other structures. This stems from the fact that it is more difficult for the contractor to track the location of the drill, and this may necessitate a pace. 

What Type of Weather Is Needed for Drilling?

Some people assume that it is only possible for these contractor to work in good weather conditions. While these professionals likely prefer working on beautiful days, it is possible for them to complete their work in a variety of conditions. In fact, there are only a couple of conditions that can stop this work from progresses. 

Lightning storms will pose a direct risk to the contractors working on your project, and for this reason, work will not progress on days when the weather is this kind of bad. Also, if the ground is frozen, it can make it too difficult for the drill to move through it, and this will force the work to be delayed. Outside of these two weather conditions, work will usually be able to process on your project. 

There are many different drilling options that you choose for your needs, but horizontal directional drilling is emerging as a popular option due to its flexibility. For more information or assistance, contact horizontal directional drilling experts in your area.


2 April 2015

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