Gardening And Landscaping Ideas For Hilly Terrain, Slopes, And Decks


Gardening in an area that is sloped often results in rocky terrain that is not ideal for most plants. The key to maintaining a healthy and hardy garden in these conditions may have to do with the placement and layout of the garden, as much as it does with the types of plants that you choose. There is an easy way to configure and lay-out a garden on slopes and off decking that will highlight each of the different plants and foliage, while providing a cohesive camouflage that down-plays the challenging terrain.

Use the following suggestions to configure a garden that will look landscaped and appealing, complementing the lay of your land and highlighting your home's deck:

In the back

Set up your bed by digging two-feet deep in soil, or layering two-to-three feet of layered newspaper and compost, bordered with rocks, pavers, or other materials, if desired. Working forward from the highest point in your terrain, add a thick layer of topsoil to the surface of the garden bed and bring in taller plants and trees, including Silk trees, Chokeberry, or Flowering currants. These will grow high and provide the ideal backdrop for your sloping garden.

In the middle

In front of your taller trees, add some plants and foliage that will fill-in the area and that will grow up to five or six feet in height when fully mature. These include Giant fennel, White asphodel, and Rocket Ligularia plants. These each display blossoms in the warmer months, bringing color to your space.

Up front

In the foreground of your garden, the lowest point of the sloping surface, plant orange Campion, blue Comfrey, or yellow miniature roses. These all grow to around 30-inches in height, so they are the perfect visual complement to your other garden components. This might also be the appropriate place to incorporate features such as fountains, benches, or other accent items to the garden.

Around the edges

Finally, give your sloped garden a polished finish with a flowering border. This has a way of bringing all of the different components together cohesively and seamlessly. Try lovely pink hydrangeas, golden Basket-of-Gold, or lovely lime-colored Cypress Spurge. These each only grow to around a foot tall, and they offer a longer growing season than other floral options.

Use these tips to create an aesthetically appealing garden in even the most sloped or uneven terrain. This formula will provide a complement to the natural surroundings, while also displaying intention and thought, so that each of your plants, shrubs, and flowers are flattering and cohesive with your yard, property, and deck. Talk with landscape contractors about native plants that may do well in your region, or to request consults regarding your property's landscaping. For more information, contact a business likeCoast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd.


6 April 2015

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