3 Things To Look For During The Final Walk Through Of Your New Home


When you are building a home, the final walk through is your last chance to tell the contractor if there is anything that needs to be changed or fixed. During your final walk through, make sure that you are aware of these 3 things so that the house is completed the way you want it.

Sliding Doors

First, check any and all sliding doors in the home because if a door is installed the wrong way, then it can get stuck, squeak, or it may not open and close properly. This is especially true for sliding glass doors that lead outside.

Make sure that you slide the doors open and closed a few times, and lock the doors as well to see if the locks catch. 

If there are any problems, then mark the door as a problem so that it can be set up again on the track without having these problems. Remember, this is your new home, so everything should be perfect.

Squeaks in Floors

Second, walk across all of your floors in each room to listen for squeaks. The reason behind this is that if there are squeaks, they can get worse as time goes on. Most squeaks can be fixed by adding more nails to the particle board that is under the carpet or hardwood.

If there are areas that creak or squeak, make note so that the workers can lift up the flooring and add more nails to the boards. This will help your home to be free of annoying sounds that should not exist.

Dings and Scratches

Lastly, check for dings and scratches in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Sometimes when constructions workers are working, they may accidentally bump into cabinets with their tools. 

If this happens and there are dings, scratches, or dents, then the home builder must replace these items. The main thing you need to know is that they may not volunteer to replace these items unless you point them out. They are overseeing many homes, so they give you the opportunity to find any and all problems that you would like to have fixed.

Once you give them the list, the contractor can make sure that cabinets and doors are replaced as is needed.

Keep these 3 things in mind when working with home builders, and you can avoid problems and get everything fixed so that you have a perfect new home.


8 April 2015

building a custom garage for my family

This year, things were a little different over the winter. In winters past, I had to park my car in the driveway because my husband had our two-car garage filled with all of his man-toys. Each morning, I would have to struggle to break the ice and shovel the snow to get to my car, so last fall, I had enough and hired a contractor to build a garage just for me. My husband and I weren't sure about adding another structure to the property, but it is the best thing that we have done since we bought the house. Learn how my contractor helped my family with the design of the garage that he built.