Three Historic Styles to Consider For Your Custom Home


If you want to buy a home, custom homes can give you a home that is built exactly to your needs. There are many different styles to choose from, and some of the historic styles of the past are coming back such as Italianate, craftsman and Victorian style homes. These can be great styles if you are building a home in an historic area. Here are some of these historic styles and their features that can give your home a unique look:

1. Italianate Style With Renaissance Features

Italianate architecture features many ideas from Italian structures from the Renaissance Period. Homes in this style can have stone and stucco façades, large entrance ways and cupolas. On an Italianate style home, one of the features that you may want to have is stone or masonry friezes around the windows. You may also want to have a symmetric design throughout your home. This style of home will have clean lines and less noticeable artisan details that you can see with craftsman style homes. Italianate homes often have an exterior finish of masonry or stonework.

2. Victorian Era Homes With 19th Century Features

Victorian style homes were part of the 19th century architecture and some of the first construction booms. These can be large two or three-story homes with different architectural features such as varied roof slopes with witches caps (the round pointed roof design). This era included many different styles of architecture, including Italianate and Queen Ann. Some Victorian era homes can include design features borrowed from a variety of different architectural styles. These are usually larger homes with intricate decorations and features.

3. The Artisan Details Of Historic Craftsman-Style Homes

Craftsman-style homes are recognized by their artisan details and woodwork that they feature. This style of home was popular during the first half of the 20th century and continues to be popular today in some areas. Craftsman homes usually feature large porches, wood trim around windows and woodworking details. They are often completed with an exterior finish of siding and can be a mixture of siding and woodworking. While the craftsman-style home may showcase artisan work, the designs are simple and integrate plants, landscaping and natural materials.

These are some of the historic home styles that are making a big comeback. If you are ready to build your new custom home, you may want to consider some of these unique styles. Contact custom home builders in your area, and ask them about using some of these styles in the design of your home.


14 April 2015

building a custom garage for my family

This year, things were a little different over the winter. In winters past, I had to park my car in the driveway because my husband had our two-car garage filled with all of his man-toys. Each morning, I would have to struggle to break the ice and shovel the snow to get to my car, so last fall, I had enough and hired a contractor to build a garage just for me. My husband and I weren't sure about adding another structure to the property, but it is the best thing that we have done since we bought the house. Learn how my contractor helped my family with the design of the garage that he built.