Bathroom Remodeling Projects You Can Get Your Kids Involved With


Remodeling a bathroom in your home, that you intend on your children primarily using, can be tough since you want to keep the space kid-friendly, but still presentable. If you want to get your kids involved with the remodeling process, there are a number of projects that they can take part in. With the following ideas, your children can have a part in the remodeling process and still give you the stylish bathroom you want.

Add Color with New Linens

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a bathroom is by replacing all the linens. This a project that's safe for your children to get involved with due to the lack of tools involved. The towels, bathmat, and curtain can all be exchanged and give the space an entirely different look that you'll be happy with and give your children a chance to pick out their own favorite colors or patterns.

Create Custom Artwork for the Walls

If your children love to draw or paint, you likely have a large collection of their artwork displayed on the fridge or tucked away elsewhere. Since every stylish bathroom needs artwork of some kind, consider using your children's art as a way to add color to the walls. Framing some of your favorite pictures they've drawn or asking them to draw up something that matches the bathroom can make a big impact in the room.

Replace Hardware on Cabinetry

An easy project that your children can take part in, that adds style and function, is replacing any hardware. The knobs on cabinetry can vary in style and form considerably, so it's a good idea to bring your children along to the hardware store so that they can pick out their favorites.

Hang a New Mirror

The mirror is typically a major focal point in any bathroom, so you should consider replacing yours if it doesn't give the effect that you want. A new mirror can make a big statement in the bathroom, making it a fun decision for your children to get involved with making.

Choose Lighting Fixtures Together

The bathroom needs plenty of illumination in order for it to stay well-lit at all times. Along with choosing a new lighting fixture together, consider buying a nightlight as well so that the bathroom stays bright whenever in use.

With the various projects you can do together, there's no reason why your children can't be involved in remodeling their bathroom. By choosing kid-safe projects, you can give the bathroom an entirely different look with their help. 

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18 May 2015

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