Three Jobs That Are Best Left To A Licensed Electrician


Armed with your trusty screwdriver and pliers, you might feel comfortable tackling a wide range of simple electrical jobs around your home, including changing a chandelier or fixing a broken light switch. Although you might feel tempted to take on a bigger project after watching an online tutorial, there are times that it's better to set down your tools and pick up the phone to call a licensed electrician. Having an experienced professional look after a larger job reduces your anxiety about the job and ensures it's done correctly. Here are three jobs that are best left to an electrician.

Adding A New Outlet

Having an electrical outlet in the exact location of your choosing is appealing because it prevents you from having to run cords a great distance. This project, however, isn't a minor undertaking. It requires running wires from your home's breaker box, securing the wires to studs along the way and eventually installing a new outlet box. Doing so also includes cutting a hole in the wall for the box, carefully snaking the wire from room to room without opening up the walls and ensuring everything's done safely and to code. Sound overwhelming? This job is all in a day's work for a licensed electrician, so it's best to leave the work to him.

Working In The Breaker Panel

If you find that concurrently running two appliances that are plugged into the same wall outlet frequently causes a circuit in your breaker panel to trip, it's not a time to roll up your sleeves and start investigating what's going on. Clearly, the circuit in question isn't capable of handling such a high draw of power, which means it might need to be upgraded or replaced. Working inside the breaker panel isn't a job for the weekend warrior -- mistakes made in this part of your home can have devastating consequences. For electricians, however, work of this nature is routine, and a professional will be able to have you up and running in short order.

Installing Recessed Lighting

New lighting can drastically change the appearance of your home, and while it's relatively simple to change a light fixture yourself, putting in recessed lighting is a different task altogether. This job involves running wires through the ceiling, precisely cutting holes and making sure the new fixtures fit correctly. Not only does the project involve some expertise, but it's also not overly pleasant, as it requires overhead work from essentially the start to the finish.

While there are some electrical jobs you can take care of yourself, the ones discussed in this article are best left to the professionals from a company like Sweeney Electric.


18 June 2015

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