5 Reasons To Use Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets For Your Bathroom Remodel


Getting a vanity installed in your bathroom can be a fantastic way to get additional storage and improve the appearance of the room, but it can costly if you are not careful in your selection. In order for the new vanity to fit within a strict budget and still give all the benefits you want, it is a good idea to get creative and look into the possibility of used kitchen cabinets.

Reasonable Cost Compared to Vanities

While the cost of a bathroom vanity will greatly depend on the materials used and the labor involved, it can generally cost anywhere between $330 to over $500 for a professional job. To save money, kitchen cabinets can be bought that have been used in a display room or even another home.

Used Means Lower Prices for Brand-Name Cabinets

Buying repurposed kitchen cabinets may seem like a bad idea if you are concerned about their condition, but you can generally find cabinets that are still in excellent condition. Not only will buying used give you lower prices, you will also be able to afford brand names that may have otherwise been out of reach due to your budget.

Larger Variety in Styles and Materials

Bathroom vanities can often feel stale in design, presenting you with only a few options when visiting a home improvement or hardware store. If you feel limited about your choices in designs of vanities, you will be happy with just how many options are available for kitchen cabinets.

From country to modern and even French chic, there are so many varieties that will allow you to pick a new vanity that fits perfectly with your home and personal style.

Plenty of Creativity Regarding Hardware

Even after choosing new cabinetry that is just your style, you can go a step forward and get your favorite hardware installed. Stainless steel knobs, chrome pulls, and more styles allow you to add another personal touch to the cabinetry.

Increased Storage Space for the Bathroom

Another benefit that comes with choosing used kitchen cabinets for your bathroom is the added storage space. The deeper cabinets and additional shelves inside will allow you to keep your bathroom tidy and organized without a problem.

As you explore your options for remodeling your bathroom, you will likely run into a dilemma of choosing cabinets for the vanity. With all the great benefits of kitchen cabinets that have been previously used, you can get exactly what you want in style and durability without going over budget. 

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5 August 2015

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