Key Questions To Ask Your Kitchen Renovation Contractor


Upgrading your kitchen can make the space more enjoyable for cooking and for entertaining guests, but can also add value to your home in the event that you're looking to sell. In order to ensure that you're pleased with the quality of the renovation, you need to be sure to hire the right kitchen contractor. You can narrow down your search by asking for recommendations from friends and co-workers who have recently had their kitchens redone. Once you get a shortlist of viable candidates, it's beneficial to speak to each one to describe your job, see photos of past projects and ask some questions, including these.

How Can You Make My Kitchen Feel Bigger?

A cramped kitchen is a common complaint for people who live in small homes or have large families, so asking this question is an effective way to gauge the kitchen contractor's creativity and skill with design. Suitable answers can range from simple tasks such as installing light-colored kitchen cabinets and plenty of lights to more-involved projects such as removing or relocating the kitchen island and even adding a small window to give the feeling of more space. Listen to the contractor's answers and evaluate whether they're in alignment with the direction that you want to go with the kitchen.

Can You Reface The Existing Cabinets?

If you're want to get the job done on a budget, one of the best ways to keep your spending under control is to have your kitchen contractor reface your cabinets -- that is, use the existing boxes but change the doors -- instead of replace them entirely. While the contractor might have to visit your home to inspect the integrity of your current cabinets and measure them for size, this is something that many contractors will be able to do for their customers. In addition to reducing the cost of the project, it will also cut down on the length of the renovation.

How Long Will The Renovation Take?

Asking about the length of the renovation is important, given the way that a torn-up kitchen can impact your family. While the length of the project depends on the amount of the work involved, you want to hire a kitchen contractor who takes steps to get the job done quickly -- for example, he or she does any demolition on the same day that the project begins, rather than a day in advance.


6 April 2016

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