Gardening And Landscaping Ideas For Hilly Terrain, Slopes, And Decks


Gardening in an area that is sloped often results in rocky terrain that is not ideal for most plants. The key to maintaining a healthy and hardy garden in these conditions may have to do with the placement and layout of the garden, as much as it does with the types of plants that you choose. There is an easy way to configure and lay-out a garden on slopes and off decking that will highlight each of the different plants and foliage, while providing a cohesive camouflage that down-plays the challenging terrain.

6 April 2015

2 Basic Questions About Horizontal Directional Drilling Answered


There are many reasons why a homeowner would someday need assistance from a drilling contractor. However, installing piping and other subterranean utilities is one of the most common reasons. Interestingly, you may come to find that there are a variety of drilling options available to you for these tasks, but horizontal directional drilling is a relatively new method that can save you from having large areas excavated. Yet, this method is relatively new, and you will likely have some questions before you decide if horizontal directional drilling is right for your needs.

2 April 2015

Putting A Stop To Pest Problems In Your Attic


Pests in the attic can cause all kinds of trouble. They can cause insulation to be less effective, chew the wiring in your home causing fires, and can leave droppings behind that can quickly become a health hazard to your family. Here, you will learn how to gain control of the pests in your attic and protect your home and your family from the negative circumstances that they may cause.

2 September 2014