Learn How To Replace Your Chimney's Caulking


Harsh weather and the sun can cause the caulking on your chimney to deteriorate over time.  When this happens, it will start letting water in through cracks, the flue, and areas that have flashing where your chimney and roof meet.  New caulk is necessary to prevent water from seeping inside your house. Here's how to replace the caulking yourself. Safety First Since your chimney can be the highest spot on your home, you need to take proper safety measures when working on it.

9 December 2015

4 Ways Wintertime Weather Can Damage Your Deck


Wintertime weather is right around the corner. Snowfall and freezing temperatures can do a lot of damage to decks on homes located in cold climates.  If you want to protect your deck, you need to be aware of the hazards. The following are four of the most common types of damage wintertime weather can cause to residential decks: Potential of collapse If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall – and much of Canada does – you need to prevent the weight of accumulated snow on your deck from causing a collapse.

24 September 2015

5 Reasons To Use Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets For Your Bathroom Remodel


Getting a vanity installed in your bathroom can be a fantastic way to get additional storage and improve the appearance of the room, but it can costly if you are not careful in your selection. In order for the new vanity to fit within a strict budget and still give all the benefits you want, it is a good idea to get creative and look into the possibility of used kitchen cabinets.

5 August 2015

Preparing To Remodel Your Space? Try Incorporating Some Of The Tips Below Into Your Remodel


As a business owner, you want to make sure your office space looks fabulous at all times. You want your employees to be happy. When they are happy, they tend to work harder for the business. If you feel like your office is stuck in the 50s, it might be time for a remodeling project. Not sure where to start? No problem. Follow these simple tips and tricks below to transform your office space and create an environment where everyone loves coming in to work.

26 June 2015

Three Jobs That Are Best Left To A Licensed Electrician


Armed with your trusty screwdriver and pliers, you might feel comfortable tackling a wide range of simple electrical jobs around your home, including changing a chandelier or fixing a broken light switch. Although you might feel tempted to take on a bigger project after watching an online tutorial, there are times that it's better to set down your tools and pick up the phone to call a licensed electrician. Having an experienced professional look after a larger job reduces your anxiety about the job and ensures it's done correctly.

18 June 2015

Bathroom Remodeling Projects You Can Get Your Kids Involved With


Remodeling a bathroom in your home, that you intend on your children primarily using, can be tough since you want to keep the space kid-friendly, but still presentable. If you want to get your kids involved with the remodeling process, there are a number of projects that they can take part in. With the following ideas, your children can have a part in the remodeling process and still give you the stylish bathroom you want.

18 May 2015

Three Historic Styles to Consider For Your Custom Home


If you want to buy a home, custom homes can give you a home that is built exactly to your needs. There are many different styles to choose from, and some of the historic styles of the past are coming back such as Italianate, craftsman and Victorian style homes. These can be great styles if you are building a home in an historic area. Here are some of these historic styles and their features that can give your home a unique look:

14 April 2015

3 Things To Look For During The Final Walk Through Of Your New Home


When you are building a home, the final walk through is your last chance to tell the contractor if there is anything that needs to be changed or fixed. During your final walk through, make sure that you are aware of these 3 things so that the house is completed the way you want it. Sliding Doors First, check any and all sliding doors in the home because if a door is installed the wrong way, then it can get stuck, squeak, or it may not open and close properly.

8 April 2015

Gardening And Landscaping Ideas For Hilly Terrain, Slopes, And Decks


Gardening in an area that is sloped often results in rocky terrain that is not ideal for most plants. The key to maintaining a healthy and hardy garden in these conditions may have to do with the placement and layout of the garden, as much as it does with the types of plants that you choose. There is an easy way to configure and lay-out a garden on slopes and off decking that will highlight each of the different plants and foliage, while providing a cohesive camouflage that down-plays the challenging terrain.

6 April 2015

2 Basic Questions About Horizontal Directional Drilling Answered


There are many reasons why a homeowner would someday need assistance from a drilling contractor. However, installing piping and other subterranean utilities is one of the most common reasons. Interestingly, you may come to find that there are a variety of drilling options available to you for these tasks, but horizontal directional drilling is a relatively new method that can save you from having large areas excavated. Yet, this method is relatively new, and you will likely have some questions before you decide if horizontal directional drilling is right for your needs.

2 April 2015